Seven cities and six countries pepper LaShaundra’s adult memories as she sought to live life fearlessly. Best described as a “Citizen of the World” whether home or abroad, she aims to positively impact the lives of those see encounters. In response to fruitless job-hunting during the height of the recession, LaShaundra stopped asking for a job and created her own opportunity through speaking, training and coaching.

Since 2009, she has worked with ministries, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and companies, lifting “light bulb” moments as the best part of the experience. Watching leaders learn how to cultivate healthy relationships with their team or witnessing the intersection between business vision and lived reality are moments LaShaundra revels.



Customer Testimonials

April johnson
Reconciliation Ministry

“LaShaundra McCarty is highly effective and energetic media consultant. She evidences an eye and an ear to the ground on technology, social media and current trends in all areas. I have known LaShaundra professionally for seven years. Many of the practices she implemented in our communications ministry remain in place to date. I am appreciative of her ability to assess and offer streamlined as well as customized solutions for effective strategic media use and promotion.”

Dr. Pat Donahoo
disciples women

“LaShaundra has also done amazing work designing our Disciples Women’s magazine and Bible study. Her work is sharp and appealing. Her ability to make both our print and online resource inviting and comfortable is a gift. With her as part of the team we recently have been awarded a DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award for our magazine. Her work has brought the look of the publication to a new level.”

Laura Payne
Lighthouse business & Professional Women

“LaShaundra McCarty is an exceptional speaker and motivator. I have had the good fortune to have participated in Mrs. McCarty’s seminars. I have requested Mrs. McCarty to speak for Lighthouse Business & Professional Women- Gulf Coast. She is well versed in leadership, personality types, motivation and many other topics. When you attend Mrs. McCarty’s seminars or listen to her speak you fully realize that she is at the top of her field. ”

Larry Morris
National Benevolent Association

“LaShaundra is a professional and resourceful consultant and an excellent and knowledgeable trainer. I’ve hired Lashaundra for multiple consulting and training projects with the National Benevolent Association. Lashaundra’s ability to engage participants, no matter the skill level, is one of the highlights of working with her. Oh, and her humor and warmth are added bonuses!”